Duke Men’s Basketball chances in 2009 NCAA Tourney

So I hate to piss off Duke Blue Devil Fans…because they have such a great history of an awesome basketball team coached by Weber highschool grad (was a school in Chicago…not anymore)  Mike Krzyzewski …great Polish name btw…I think it’s Polish anyway…

Check this out…this is very interesting, for the second year in a row, the Seattle online salary tabulator has offered its picks based on the median salaries of graduates of each of the 65 schools in contention. And who will take the title? Of course, that would be Duke whose grads pulled in an annual salary of $102,000.

So yeah they are looking at a way to evalute teams based on how much grads earn?  Odd but interesting…based on PayScale’s analysis, the UW (median salary of $74,900) will get knocked out in the third round by Texas A&M (salary of $78,700.)

Gonzaga has an easy first round game against Akron, whose grads have a median salary of $54,700. But the Zags — median salary of $73,600 — will fall to Illinois ($80,800) in  the second round…hmm yeah this is pretty cool!

Last year, PayScale predicted a final four of Duke, Georgetown, Notre Dame and Stanford, with Stanford predicted to take the top prize with a median salary of $113,000.

But none of those teams actually made it to the final four. I guess future salaries don’t  translate into hoop skills, oh well its a cool theory…but has no basis in reality!

So what are the bookies saying about Duke’s chances for a win in the 2009 NCAA Tourney.

Well most have Duke at 16 to 1 …meaning that $100 will get you $1600 if they win it all!

Not bad on the odds…but then again, what are the odd they are going to win…pretty slim I suppose :)


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    hi…thanks for sharing..

    i think they have the potential to win..they play good..

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    Perhaps the Duke post grad salary is so high due to all the NBA players they put out which inflates the average?

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    Hey, how did you know Krzyzewski was a Polish name. I thought it was Russian.

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    I guess a 16-1 odds would be a quick way to lose a little green! LOL Duke… final four.. not gonna happen!

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    Wow, guess this is 1 year off a Duke won in 2010

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    Interesting stats for 2009, did you do the same research for 2010. Would be interesting to see what has changed, and if Duke is still on top

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